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Arc Flash Study

Arc Flash

Why You Need An Arc-Flash Hazard Assessment For Your Premises

A worker exposed to an arcing fault may receive 2nd degree burns

if not adequately protected.

The introduction of the new CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard brings a work practice standard for those who work on or near energized electrical equipment such as those found in data centres.  Employers are required to perform an arc-flash assessment for the protection of employees and contractors on their premises.

The purpose is to assess electrical hazards and design safe work spaces around electrical power systems. The CSA Z462 standard stipulates requirements for identifying hazardous equipment and for the development of safe work procedures around this equipment.  The standard also gives guidance to electrical workers on the selection of personal protective equipment and protective clothing.

The CSA Standard Z462 requires employers to:

  • Conduct an Arc-flash hazard analysis of the workplace
  • Implement qualified and general worker safety training based on the Arc-flash hazard analysis results
  • Establish shock and flash protection boundaries
  • Put warning labels on equipment
  • Provide protective clothing and personal protective equipment that meet ANSI standards 

Why perform an Arc-Flash Analysis?

Only an Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis enables you to properly protect your employees and contractors from an arc-flash hazard. It provides realistic values for available fault current at buses as well as clearing time for applicable protective devices.  This allows you to determine flash protection boundary distance and the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for electrical workers. 

Where do Arc-flash hazards occur? When do Arc-flash hazards occur?

Panel boards and switchboards

Removing or installing circuit breakers or fuses
Motor control centers Working on control circuits with energized parts exposed

Metal clad switchgear

Racking circuit breakers in and out of switchgear
Transformers Applying safety grounds
Motor starters and drive cabinets Removing panel covers

What You Will Receive

Upon completion of our analysis we will issue a study report.  This report will enable you to adhere to the new CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard.  But more importantly, it will provide all the information you’ll need to ensure that your employees and contractors are working safely around energized electrical equipment.