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Kilowatt Calculator

Kilowatt Calculator

Enter volts, amps and power factor to calculate Kilowatts (KW).  If you don't know your actual power factor use 0.9.  For three phase systems use a volt meter to read the actual voltage between each phase. Take the amperage reading from each phase.  Average the 3 voltage readings together and enter that value into the Kilowatt calculator.  Average the current readings and enter that value into the calculator.  Your measurement instruments should be "True RMS" devices, otherwise you may get incorrect readings.

Important Note: KW is an expression of real power and is used when expressing power in a linear or resistive circuit - that is when current and voltage are in sync with each other.

KVA expresses reactive power (or apparent power) and is used in non-linear circuits such as motors or transformers which draw current out of sync with voltage. The degree in which the voltage and current are out of sync is referred to as power factor. KW = KVA x PF